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Vibrant Home Health Care is currently the only Licensed and Certified Home Health Agency with Dialysis Designation in North Texas. Our Dialysis designation allows us to provide Staff Assist bedside Dialysis in the home as well as Skilled Nursing facilities throughout Northeast Texas and the DFW area.

Congratulations Vibrant Home Health Care Staff for another ZERO deficiency September 2018 State Survey for Home Health and Staff Assist Dialysis


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Vibrant Home Health Care (A Dialysis Designated Agency)

Vibrant Home Health Care is a licensed and certified home health agency with Dialysis Designation located in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Vibrant is the only dialysis designated agency providing both home health and staff assist dialysis care to patients residing throughout DFW metroplex and East Texas. The agency is proud to have 3 zero State survey deficiencies since 2012 and has zero deficiency in its dialysis designation survey since its inception in 2013. We work hard to maintain the highest standard of care and compliance with State and CMS guidelines. Vibrant provides quality compassionate health care to patients residing throughout North and East Texas since 2008. Our team of skilled and experienced healthcare providers are committed to providing the highest level of care, incorporating a multidisciplinary approach based on the needs of each individual patient.

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Vibrant Home Health Care is a committed team of Healthcare professionals dedicated to the ethical pursuit of improving the quality of life of all our patients and presenting ourselves as advocates and leaders in our profession."[ ABOUT US ]

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