The agency that's committed to improving your quality of life.
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Our Company

Vibrant Home Health Care is currently the only Licensed and Certified Home Health Agency with Dialysis Designation in North Texas. Our Dialysis designation allows us to provide Staff Assisted bedside Dialysis in the home as well as Skilled Nursing facilities throughout Northeast Texas and the DFW area.

Our Mission

“Vibrant Home Health Care is a committed team of healthcare professionals dedicated to the ethical pursuit of improving the quality of life of all our patients and presenting ourselves as advocates and leaders in our profession.”

Our client service approach demands that we make an absolute commitment to excellence in our performance. We will achieve our commitment by observing these principles:

Serve Our Clients

Our commitment to client satisfaction and improved quality of life is our main objective.

Value Our People

Our success as an Agency must run parallel to this as we encourage initiative, recognize individual contribution, provide ample opportunity for individual growth, and maintain our commitments to our families.

Operate with Integrity

We will maintain the highest level of integrity and always do the right thing.

Contribute to Our Communities

We will give back to our communities by using our talents and resources.

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